RT-RRT* Pathfinding

RT-RRT* is a real-time path planning algorithm that works in a 2D dynamic environment.


  • RT-RRT* is based on the Rapidly Exploring Random Tree* (RRT) algorithm which is widely used in robotics. RT-RRT improves RRT* by using a real-time sampling approach.

  • DOES NOT require any type of grid, navmesh, graph or tiles.

  • Enter the size and location that you want the RT-RRT* to run at, define the layers that you want to be treated as static obstacles, define dynamic obstacles, and done!

  • Includes many fine tuning parameters such as goal orientation ratio, informed sampling ratio, maximum running time, maximum steps to look ahead and many others.

  • Use the built in functions to find path or use the included Waypoint Creator Tool for patrol/loop movements.

  • Includes a maze like demo scene with dynamic obstacles to get you familiarized with the package.

  • Full source code included.

Technical details

  • Using a real-time sampling

  • Does not require any type of grid, navmesh, graph or tiles

  • Can detect static and dynamic obstacles

  • Many fine tuning options

  • Waypoint Creator Tool to create and edit waypoints